sexta-feira, julho 08, 2005

Mais um atentado!

Mais uma prova que a estupidez humana ainda lavra na terra! O meu pensamento vai para com aqueles que sobreviveram hoje... Espero que consigam fechar os olhos e dormir!

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

It is a very large story, filled with subtleties and information on comics. In terms of plot, I was expecting more than what I have read - somehow everything seemed "about to happen", leaving less for us to imagine...

Nevertheless, one gets to learn much more about comics than ever before. Also, it is a reflexion of the American Dream, where everyone, even a young brokenhearted orphan Jewish boy can find his way to liberty, fortune and Happiness!

quinta-feira, julho 07, 2005

Life of Pi

At first sight, this didn't seem a very interesting book, but I was curious because everyone was talking about it. What could be interesting about a boy "living" with a tiger on a tiny boat? It really was interesting. I loved the passages on religion and Gods... It does make sense and maybe that way people wouldn't attack each other such as they have today!A lovely story about respect, life and even the passage from Childhood to Adulthood - could there be a bigger test?