terça-feira, agosto 30, 2005

Wide Sargasso Sea

"Set against the lush backdrop of 1830s Jamaica, Jean Rhys's powerful, haunting story was inspired by her fascination with the first Mrs Rochester, the mad wife in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre.If Antoinette Cosway, a spirited Creole heiress, could have foreseen the terrible future that awaited her, she would not have married the young Englishman. Initially drawn to her beauty and sensuality, he becomes increasingly frustrated by his inability to reach into her soul. He forces Antoinette to conform to his rigid Victorian ideals, unaware that in taking away her identity he is destroying a part of himself as well as pushing her towards madness.'A late but brilliant comeback... a tale of dislocation and disposession, which Rhys writes with a kind of romantic cynicism, desperate and pungent' The Times" (Adapted from the back cover) by Paulainen
Someone asked me if I were feeling depressed due to reading this book - I was at the beginning and didn't get it... Now I do! It was really interesting and one can easily find the resemblances specially as it was pointed out - the third part... Yet the whole book seemed like a masterpiece...


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